Saint Namdev Says


The following is evocative, poetic masterpiece of Saint Namdev.

It is picked up from the compilation of
the compositions of Saint Namdev,
the 'Namdev Gatha' 763/2012.

Here, Saint Namdev with the clear vision of the 'Divine'
as well as the means of attaining that 'Divine',
directly addresses, not any person, but the 'Mind' itself.

Saints of all religions, at all times, have emphasized
the importance of chanting, using rosary, or constant remembrance of the Lord.

Here Saint Namdev reveals the 'Art of Attuning'
with the Supreme.

Mind when single pointedly enters through the door called 'Lord'
finds itself in the Kingdom of Bliss.
Mind when wholly revels in the 'world' of objects, emotions and thoughts
is doomed to dreary lifelong toil that can never eke out lasting happiness.

The world all the time keeps on giving the illusion
that one day you will get all-fulfilling joy.
It promises joy in the future, thus keeping you future tense, present tense, past tense and always tense.

"If I do just this much more, I will get. Get what? I will reach. Reach where?"
Like a pig you keep plodding life long in the mud of worldly wails and sorrows, hoping for something cleaner, refined, wholesome and better.
You labor all your life. Does the mind ever get satiated?

This mind becomes incapable of soaring to the height and peak of evolution.
An eaglet, like a chick, keeps pecking on the ground scratching and searching the dust on the ground, not knowing that it has wings so strong that can take it majestically high above the clouds reveling in the world of unbroken peace and bliss.

Saint Namdev here not only tells the 'how' but
also discloses the 'result' of dwelling constantly in the remembrance
of the Lord.

Mind is the vehicle that takes you to the Lord,
Mind is the ass that keeps you plodding
bound in the tribulations of the world.
Mind takes the beating, toils day and night.
On getting intermittently morsel of dry grass to chew on, the ass
keeps dreaming that one day, with more effort and some more effort
it will get plenty, so much that it will be free from
back breaking labor, all toil and tribulation. Isn't it true?

Now over to Saint Namdev:

Oh Mind, you hold on to the faith of this chanting of the name

Hold on recognizing in unbroken chant of the name of Ram.

Chant so ceaselessly that isn't broken

Through Nights and Days Oh Mind, be awake.

Nama says, Mind, attains the form of Ram

Unbroken chant, That I am, That I am.


Anonymous said...

Can u give original wordings of Saint Namdev's abhangs?

VIcky Lloyd D'Souza said...

Could you please mail me the Konkani stanza written by Sant Namdev. Thank you.

Vicky Lloyd D'Souza said...

Ok Yeah my email is.... thank you once again.

Editor: Vasantrao Koparday said...

Hi Vicky,
I would have loved to offer transalation in 'konkani'. I do not speak the language hence I won't be able to translate.
I can assist you in translation as I have ALL the original shloka of Saint Namdev.

I appreciate your interest.
Best wishes,

Editor: Vasantrao Koparday said...

I can give original wordings of Saint Namdev.

I had difficulty using the transliteration 'Hindi' tool given by google.

You can write to me for I have ALL the original shlokas of Saint Poet Sant Namdeo.


sach said...

Can you please give me original sloks(In MARATHI) of Sant Namdev.
if possible, please send it to me on my Email